Piedra Falls

Day 2 | July 5 | Tuesday

I left Pagosa Springs to head up into the mountains for two hikes: a very short one to Piedra Falls and then about a 6-mile in and back to see some other falls. I spent last night in the car, so I decided to get a room at the EconoLodge back in Pagosa to sort through and arrange all my stuff and prepare for the rest of the trip

Here are two videos and a bunch of pictures:

(If you click a picture below, it will start a slide show.)


Day 1 (July 4, Monday)
Day 2 (July 5, Tuesday)
Day 3 (July 6, Wednesday)
Day 4 (July 7, Thursday)
Day 5 (July 8, Friday)
Day 6 (July 9, Saturday)
Day 7 (July 10, Sunday)
Day 8 (July 11, Monday)
Day 9 (July 12, Tuesday)
Day 10 (July 13, Wednesday)


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