How it All Began

We took lots of trips when I was a kid. To see family, of course, but also day trips to Huntsville, camping trips to Big Bend and other places. In fact, the photo up top is of my brother and me at Big Bend when we were in high school. If you look along the bottom of the picture, about two inches from the left, you can see the campground.

As we kids got older, it became more difficult to get everyone together for a family vacation and it became even more difficult when my siblings got married.

For a long time, my summer trips were to different youth camps around the state. Then in the early months of 2001, I was chatting with a co-worker about my desire to go to Ireland. She said I’d never do it, so to prove her wrong, I did.

That was the beginning of three summers of travel.

First, I spent three weeks traveling around England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Then in 2002, I spent two weeks in New England.
And in 2003, I spent a week in Key West.

In 2013, my parents, aunt, sister, and I went to the Grand Canyon via Amtrack.

In April of 2014, I went to Las Vegas for a Rockabilly event, Red Rock Canyon, and to see the Hoover Dam.

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