2017 – Spring Break: Arkansas

The weather was nice – 30s to 40s, maybe 50s as the sun came out – and I camped out in the backyard of one of my aunt’s.

The forecast was for the temperature to drop to 29.
I don’t know if it did or not, but it was 35 when morning arrived.

I slept on my REI AirRail 1.5 Sleeping Pad inside my Chinook Summit Bivy and sleeping bag.
pad and bag 2

The pad’s R-value is 4.2, so it provided nice insulation between me and the ground.

Plus, I finally figured out how to pilot my drone and record video at the same time (Tip: Press the ‘record’ button) and took some nice footage of my Great-Grandfather Maxwell’s barn. It’s 80+ years old.

Video 1   Video 2

Then we hiked out to Cedar Falls

Our final stop was at Petit Jean Mountain

Distances from the nearest state parks and the cities we’re most likely to visit.

Devil’s Den Mount Magazine Mount Nebo Petit Jean Pedestal Rocks
Cleveland 2′ 12″ 1′ 40″ 1′ 3″ 52″ 1′ 24″
Conway 2′ 15″ 1′ 42″ 1′ 6″ 52″ 1′ 35″
Russellville 1′ 35″ 1′ 23″ 38″ 54″
Springdale 45″ 2′ 10″ 2′ 37″ 2′ 34″ 2′

Devil’s Den State Park
Yellow Rock Trail: 2.7 mile lollipop/ 2-3 hrs
yellow-rock-trail(photo credit: Ray Martin)

Devil’s Den Trail: 1.5 mile lollipop/ 2 hrs20160604-devils-den-twin-falls-upper-falls-3(photo credit: Rick Henry)

Mount Magazine State Park
Bear Hollow Trail: 5.6 miles (out and back)/ 3-4 hrs

Highpoint Loop Trails: 5.5 mile loop/ 3-4 hrs
(North Rim Trail, Signal Hill Trail, Mossback Ridge Trail, and Greenfield Trail)cedar-tree-atop-mt-magazine-arkansas-autumn-jason-politte

Mount Nebo State Park
Bench Road Trail: 4 mile loop/ 2 hrsmt_nebo_falls_1_photo

Petit Jean State Park
Cedar Falls Trail: 2 miles (out and back)/ 1-2 hrs2013_0309-petitjean0077

Seven Hollows Trail: 4.1 mile loop/ 2-3 hrssevenhollowstrail02

Ozark National Forest/ Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area
Pedestal Rocks Trail: 2.5 mile lollipop/ 2 hrspedestal-rock