2015 Day 8

Tuesday, June 16

Today’s photos

I spent the night in a McDonald’s parking lot in Bend, Oregon, then drove to Crater Lake. I did a lot of hiking (It’s .8 mile to get to the Watchman tower at Crater Lake, but vertically, it’s just about 500 ft. It’s just so steep that you have to zig zag up the side.)

It’s over 5000 ft above sea level, and I was getting really winded. It was tough than the 1.25 mile climb to the top of Multnomah Falls.

I finally left (entered the park on the north side and exited on the south if you want to Google it) and drove to and through Klamath Falls and then back into California.

There’s a checkpoint at the border to see if you have any fruits or vegetables. The guy said, “Where’re you coming from?”

I said, “Well, I started in Los Angeles and drove up the coast the I cut through the Redwood Forest, zipped up into Oregon to see some waterfalls, and now I’m heading down the other side of California and then over to Yosemite and Sequoia.”

He said, “Do you have any fruits or vegetables with you?”


“Okay, enjoy the rest of your trip.”

I ended up in Weed, California, for the night in a motel room with a view of Mt. Shasta.

At the beginning of Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie have just left Weed.

(It appears that I spend every 3rd night in a hotel.)

me crater lakeselfie weedweed window view

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