2015 Day 7

Monday, June 15

Lots of pictures from today:

Misc Oregon
Multnomah Falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Oneonta Gorge

Got up bright and early and went back to Exit 31. Climbed WAY up a mountain, 1.25 miles to get to the top of Multnomah Falls.

I had planned to do a 12-mile hike to see all the falls in the area.

But it takes 1 hour to walk 3 miles on level ground. That would mean 4 hours to walk 12 miles on level ground. On a mountain, it would take me forever. I think it took me an hour to climb to the top of this mountain.

Then I hiked to Bridal Falls (3/4 mile) and then walked a scenic loop (1/2 mile).

That adds up to 3 3/4 miles of hiking.

Then I went to Oneonta Gorge. I hiked through it all the way to the falls (and took GoPro videos).

Everyone was super-duper careful walking across the rocks and fallen trees (there were only a couple in front of me and maybe half a dozen coming back), but I hopped along like a mountain goat.

Then as I was returning there were more people coming and they were all cautious, so I took my GoPro and video taped myself jumping around and such so that I can how it to everyone later.

Then I drove across some mountain range where Mt. Hood is to Bend, Oregon.  Tomorrow’s plan was to leave the gorge and head to Bend and then Crater Lake.

Now that I’m ahead of schedule (already in Bend), I’ll get to Crater Lake bright and early and then drive on to Klamath Falls and Weed, CA.

So I’m a half-day ahead of schedule which is better than my original schedule. (I think I would have been arriving at things around closing time on the original schedule.)

I have tons of pictures and have used my dashcam to record pretty much the entire trip.

(Time now to organize today’s photos.)

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