2015 Day 13

Sunday, June 21

I left Yosemite after one day. Unless you’re going to do a lot of hiking for the sake of hiking, everything can be seen from the valley.

I drove into Fresno and stayed at a Motel 8. There were two adolescent cockroaches in the bathtub and some other little bug on the wall. The bathroom exhaust vent was coated in dust as were the baseboards and the intake of the hair drier.

The ironing board looking like something that had been rescued from the side of the road.

During the night, I had the TV on and some bug flew across the room. I thought it was a flying cockroach (It was a moth.) and while I was searching for it, I looked behind the entertainment center and found a use hypodermic and saw that one of the electrical outlets/ box was hanging out of the wall.

I left around 11:00 and drove to Kings Canyon/ Azalea Parkground to camp for the night. I hiked around, saw big trees. I saw a squirrel gathering straw to take into his burrow.
I saw another squirrel throw a couple of fresh pine cones (They looked like small pineapples.) from the top of a huge tree then run down and pull them apart and eat them.

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