2015 Day 10

Thursday, June 18

Pictures of the Ghost Town and the drive to Lee Vining

I went to the Bodie Ghost Town yesterday and pulled into Lee Vining around 2:00 for lunch.

My plan was to head down to Rainbow Falls and the Devil’s Postpile, look around, then get a good night’s sleep before driving across Tioga Pass.

My best bet for a motel room was at a place that doesn’t take reservations. It’s first-come, first-serve, but the office didn’t open until 4. So I ate lunch then sat at a picnic table reading until I could get a room.

They don’t let people drive down to Rainbow Falls + anymore; you have to take a shuttle. Cuts down on pollution, etc, and helps control the crowd.

I drove 30 mins down to the shuttle spot which is a huge tourist mess and the lady said the next shuttle left at 5 and returned at 5:45. That’s sounded fine to me, until she explained that it took 30 mins to get down to the drop off spot and that I wouldn’t have time to do anything.

So I bought a ticket for Friday morning, so I’ll see how all that turns out.

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