There a LOTS of places to hike around Austin. Not many long hikes, so one week will be a collection of day hikes.

I think I stayed at Emma Long Park before; this will be my base of operations for the week.

Emma Long Park has the (2) Turkey Creek Trail (approx. 2.75 miles) and Lake Line Trail.

It’s a short distance from there to the (4) River Place Nature Trails, (8) St. Edwards Park, and the (3) Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.


A day at each of those and then back home.

Other visits could include:

(1) The Barton Creek Greenbelt 

(5) The Bull Creek Greenbelt

(6) McKinney State Falls Park

(7) Walnut Creek Park – Multiple trails; could spend a couple of days here

(10) Shoal Creek Greenbelt