Back to Page, Arizona

Day 6 | July 9, 2016 |Saturday

As I wrote in the previous post, I spent last night in my car, got up, pack up my tent and drove back to Page, Arizona. I arrived at 1:00, sat in the lobby until check-in at 3:00, got lots of Gatorade, then stayed in my room until 11:00 on Sunday.

I spent time rearranging reservations for campsites, train rides, and hostel stays to accommodate my new time schedule (since I was skipping the rest of Utah and going home on the 13th instead of the 18th).

This whole trip began has a camping adventure to the Weminuche Wilderness, but then turned into this giant Utah thing and despite the amount of time I spent planning it, it really wasn’t well-planned.

Sure, if I hadn’t gotten sick, I would have finished it out, but…

See, summer of 2015, I went to California and Oregon for three weeks. Between the coast and the mountains, I like the mountains better. On this trip, between the deserts/ canyons and the mountains, I liked the mountains better. Why? Because growing up, we spent every summer in Arkansas. From now on, I think I’ll just take my trips back there. Except for the summer of 2019. I’ll have turned 55 and I’m going to Scotland again and walk from one side to the other.

Walk Across Scotland     |    Self-Guided Hiking Tours    |

Since I was driving down the same roads now and not feeling well, I didn’t take too many additional photos worth posting.

July 4, Monday: Pagosa Springs
July 5, Tuesday: Piedra Falls
July 6, Wednesday: Natural Bridges National Monument
July 7, Thursday: Mogi Dugway, Valley of the Gods, Antelope Canyon, Zion NP
July 8, Friday: Zion National Park
July 9, Saturday: Page, Arizona
July 10, Sunday: Durango, Colorado
July 11, Monday: Durango to Silverton by Train
July 12, Tuesday: John Denver Sanctuary, Aspen, Colorado
July 13, Wednesday: Homeward Bound for My Sister’s Birthday