A Long Drive

Day 4  | July 7 | Monday

The day began at the Natural Bridges Campground. From there, I headed down to the Moki Dugway. I thought it would require a detour, but nope – If you go down 261, you have to take the Moki Dugway.

“The Moki Dugway, located on Utah Route 261 just north of Mexican Hat, Utah, is a staggering, graded dirt switchback road carved into the face of the cliff edge of Cedar Mesa. It consists of 3 miles of steep, unpaved, but well-graded switchbacks (11% grade), which wind 1,200 feet from Cedar Mesa to the valley floor near Valley of the Gods.”

I have a video of that part of the drive and part of my drive through the Valley of the Gods.

I ate lunch at the San Juan Inn and Trading Post. The place is in a very interesting location (The road makes a 90 degree turn to cross the river, and the restaurant hangs right on the edge.), but I was not impressed with the food. I had a Navajo Taco. They are advertised everywhere, even the tour guide at Antelope Canyon said we should try it. A Navajo Taco is a delicious piece of fry bread with taco fixins on it. But the chili was mostly beans. (The tour guide say the Navajo eat cheap.)

san juan inn

I stopped somewhere, to get information and saw a police SUV hit the breaks and bounce over a curb when a truck pulling a big camper turned in front of it. (The police man was passing on the right and should have realized what was happening. (The truck and camper were turning wide to get into the visitor center parking lot.)) Maybe this was Page, Arizona, after Antelope Canyon.

Down the road, I saw a sign for John Wayne’s Cabin at Goulding’s Trading Post, and I think my mom is a John Wayne fan so I stopped.

120 miles later, I reached the first Antelope Canyon tour place. It was 2:25 and they were loading up for the 2:30 tour.

Me: Are y’all full?
Them: How many?
Me: Just one.
Them: Cash
Me: Sure
Them: Climb aboard.

Then it was on to Page, Arizona, and then Zion. Zion has a campground with no amenities and is very crowded (and hard to get a spot) for $20.

But right outside the East Entrance is the Hi-Road Campground. Spacious campsites, full restrooms, shower, laundry facilities, snack bar, gift shop, and wi-fi. $25!  So that’s where I spent the night.

July 4, Monday: Pagosa Springs
July 5, Tuesday: Piedra Falls
July 6, Wednesday: Natural Bridges National Monument
July 7, Thursday: Mogi Dugway, Valley of the Gods, Antelope Canyon, Zion NP
July 8, Friday: Zion National Park
July 9, Saturday: Page, Arizona
July 10, Sunday: Durango, Colorado
July 11, Monday: Durango to Silverton by Train
July 12, Tuesday: John Denver Sanctuary, Aspen, Colorado
July 13, Wednesday: Homeward Bound for My Sister’s Birthday