Homeward Bound

Day 10 | July 13 | Wednesday

One more trip to the sanctuary, over the Continental Divide, and back to airport.

I wanted to get a better picture next to the “Perhaps Love” stone, so I stopped at the sanctuary and got to see a fox.

It was about a 3 hour drive to the airport, I fussed about my rental downgrade, and a girl wrote on the back of a business card that I could have a free upgrade next time.

My flight change put me in business class, so I got to skip the line of 100 – 200 people waiting for TSA, but then they made me open my bags and show them my rocks.

I also got to board in the top ten. I had a pack of lithium batteries in my checked bag, so I spent the two-hour flight thinking they would catch on fire and kill us all.

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