2015 Day 1

Tuesday, June 9

Pictures from Day 1.

I am in San Luis Obispo, California.

I landed in LA, which still smells like pee, around 10:30 LA time, 12:30 Houston time.

Since Enterprise has a rental location at the airport, off-site Enterprise places aren’t allowed to come to the airport to pick people up, so I paid $18 to take a shuttle.

It took awhile for them to get the SUV ready and I ended up with a 2015 Chevy Traverse. It has 3 rows of seating and when I flip down the back two, there’s plenty of room for sleeping.

I decided to get a burger at In & Out which also took forever, but at least the burger was good.

From there, it was on to Target for water, peanut butter and bread, some shorts and a shirt, a clothes rod and a curtain to put up and close off the back of the SUV for when I’m sleeping.

So it took a whole lot longer to get started and the campground in Morro Bay where I planned to stay is not in my TomTom, and since it was getting late and (1) I didn’t want to be driving around in the dark looking for this place and (2) I didn’t want to arrive and find they had closed their gates for the evening, I decided to stay at the Motel 6 here in San Luis Obispo. And this will make getting everything organized easier.

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